Degassing of water in aquaculture

FOX France Oxygenation, has developed efficient techniques for degassing of water in aquaculture. Discover them below:

Nitrogen (N2) degassing

Nitrogen can be in excess in spring water, in closed circuits and also when using some aeration techniques. Fox France Oxygenation supplies efficient and automatable solutions to degas nitrogen.

For constantly analyzing nitrogen and automatic degassing, Fox France Oxygenation has developed and patented a device, NITROFOX, which measures the quantity of nitrogen in the water in real time and adds oxygen if necessary. Thanks to NITROFOX, fishes enjoy comfortable conditions.

Carbon dioxide (CO2) degassing

Carbon dioxide can be in excess in the inlet water of the fish farm, in closed circuits and also in live fish transportation tanks (see below).

To degas CO2, Fox France Oxygenation offers solutions which are adapted to the needs of the fish farm.

Live fish transport

Fox France Oxygenation also proposes solutions for the transport of live fish by truck or by boat. Thanks to a patented equipment called AIRFOX 50% additional fish can be transported in exceptional comfortable conditions, allowing energy savings.

Degassing of other gases

Other gases can be present in the water (for example : H2S). Fox France Oxygenation has the necessary skills to advise you and to propose technical solutions adapted to the needs of your fish farm.

For more information on degassing of water in aquaculture, contact your aquaculture expert, for optimal water in your tanks.

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